IMA Summit Awards Nomination

Submitting your nominations couldn’t be easier and by following these simple steps, each one takes just a few minutes.

To submit a nomination:

  1. In the Award Categories tab, select “Nominate” for the award you’d like to submit a nomination for
  2. Complete the form and click “Submit”

Important Information

  • There is no limit to the number of nominations you can submit.
  • IMA members can submit nominations for FREE. The nomination fee for nonmembers is $99.00/nomination.
  • You will have the option to upload supplemental material to support your nomination, up to five files (PDF, Word Doc, JPEG). For video or online content, please provide a link.
  • Once you submit you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Excellence Awards 

Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards identify and recognize outstanding examples of incentive programs, products and services that are designed and executed across the industry. These awards honor both the company and the incentive marketing partner or company for the development and delivery of their program, product or service. You may submit as many nominations for as many categories as you qualify for.

Nominations must be for programs that ended within the designated award year (January 1, 2021 – May 1, 2022).

There are 10 Excellence Award categories for your consideration:
Excellence in Sales Incentives
Excellence in Consumer Promotion
Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Incentive
Excellence in Employee Incentive Program
Excellence in Merchandise in an Incentive Program
Excellence in Recognition
Excellence in Gift Cards in an Incentive Program
Excellence in Travel in an Incentive Program
Excellence in Social Responsibility
Excellence in Innovation & Technology

The judging criteria is based on:

  • Objectives of program/promotion
  • Target audience & strategy
  • Implementation & creativity
  • Results & evaluation

The entry and judging criteria for the Excellence in Social Responsibility has been amended:

There are 4 pillars on which you can build your CSR initiatives

  • Economic Responsibility
  • Legal Responsibility
  • Ethical Responsibility
  • Philanthropic Responsibility

Judges will be looking for nominations that exemplify the above 4 pillars.

This could include activities where businesses may have pivoted as a response to the pandemic, or an individual who has made an exceptional contribution, maybe by volunteering or supporting a community or business initiative.

IMA Industry Awards

Inspirational Place to Work in 2021

Creating a fulfilling workplace is key to unlocking people potential. Awarded to the organization that puts its people first, offering an engaging and inspiring place to work, the winner will be an organization that its employees are proud to work for and view it an inspirational place to be, one that values the role of its employees, nurtures its talent, and embraces an open and inclusive culture, supported by a future thinking leadership team.

Offering career and skills development, reward, and recognition for personal achievement and of course a leading reward and recognition program!

Judges will also consider the nominees record on corporate responsibility, sustainability, and the impact their businesses have on the environment.

Incentive Industry Influencer

This new award is designed to honor an individual who displays an exceptional level of dedication and contribution to the professional development and advancement of the Incentive industry. Candidates will be assessed on their actions and influence they have demonstrated to make change, maybe to highlight a key industry issue, launch an innovation solution or simply be a role model.

Not necessarily someone in a senior role, but someone who continues to promote, affect the course of events, has empathy, vision, determination and the personality to sway change with their peers and clients.

Individuals can self-nominate or be nominated.

Entries should demonstrate:

Their achievements and the outcomes
How they’ve influenced their organisation or sector
How they have been an inspiration to others and are viewed by colleagues and other stakeholders
How they’re an ambassador for their organisation and have shared their learning
How they are seen as a role model by maintaining high standards with their own discipline and the greater Incentive Industry

Karen Renk Award

In her role as Executive Director, Karen Renk guided the Incentive Marketing Association, championed the business case for incentives and mentored a wide group of individuals for the betterment of the industry and the association. She was known for qualities including Mentorship, Character, Collaboration and Professionalism.

The Karen Renk Award will be presented to the IMA member who best exemplifies these qualities in service to the association, either through their work within the organization or through outreach to the community at large. The award winner will receive:

  • Paid registration for the IMA Summit
  • Two nights paid accommodation during the IMA Summit
  • Bio and article to be included on the IMA website
  • Creation and circulation of a press release highlighting the winner, the award, and the legacy
  • Award recipients will be recognized as a Renk Fellow
Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award (formerly IMA Hall of Fame) was established in 2016 to honor individuals who, through a lifetime of achievements in the incentive marketplace, played a major role in the success of the industry. This award will recognize the business personality who best represents achievement and longevity, acknowledging the winner’s sustained achievements within the incentive industry during a distinguished career.

The winner will have demonstrated outstanding leadership characteristics throughout their career and inspired others to achieve similar success. Eligible nominees are those who have been actively involved in their sector community for at least 10 years by May 1, 2022.

President’s Award

The IMA President’s Award was introduced in 2003 to commemorate IMA’s 5th Anniversary. This award recognizes individuals who have actively furthered IMA’s mission of advocating for and promoting the use of incentives and recognition to improve business performance.

The recipient is chosen by the current IMA President. To be eligible to receive the IMA President’s Award, a candidate must be a voting or affiliate member or honorary member of IMA for five or more years. Candidates for this award must be or have been actively engaged in committees, education development, or corporate outreach. The recipient may not be a current member of the IMA Board of Directors. An individual may receive the President’s Award only once.

Spirit Awards

IMA continues to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of our fellow SIG and Chapter members by recognizing them with a Spirit Award. Introduced in 2019, the Spirit Award spotlights the talented, resourceful, and generous members who are committed to advancing the incentive industry and their professional association.

The recipients of these awards are chosen by the SIG or Chapter President. The Spirit Awards honor the individuals who are doing an exceptional job on behalf of IMA, their Strategic Industry Group or Chapter and the industry. Qualifications:

  • Made an important contribution to the IMA and SIG or Chapter through their volunteerism
  • Exemplify the mission of the IMA and SIG or Chapter
  • Brings industry knowledge and expertise
  • Supports their SIG or Chapter initiatives